Educational PsychologistFactor de impacto

9.541 JCR (2020) Q1

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The scholarly essays, reviews, critiques, and theoretical and conceptual articles featured in this exceptional journal contribute to understanding issues, problems, and research concerning all aspects of educational psychology. From meta-analyses of studies probing the effectiveness of teaching methods to historical examinations of textbook standards, the journal provides insightful explorations of new educational concepts and accepted educational practices.

Editada por: APA ISSN: 1532-6985


Metacognition and Learning

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3.421 JCR (2020) Q1

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Metacognition and Learning is the only journal that specializes in research on metacognition and self-regulation.  The journal brings together researchers that have been working hitherto on separate islands of different sub-topics or different research paradigms.

Editada por: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction ISSN: 1556-1631


International journal of computer-supported collaborative learningFactor de impacto

5.108 JCR (2020) Q1

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An official publication of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (IJCSCL) fosters a deep understanding of the nature, theory, and practice of computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). International journal of computer-supported collaborative learning serves as a forum for experts from such disciplines as education, computer science, information technology, psychology, communications, linguistics, anthropology, sociology, and business. Articles investigate how to design the technological settings for collaboration and how people learn in the context of collaborative activity.

Editada por: International Society of the Learning Sciences ISSN: 1556-1615


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