Information and instructions on signing up for a training event

General information

LRC library training is provided simultaneously on campus and remotely.

The hours are indicated for the GMT +1 time zone (Madrid - Spain).

The LRC library reserves the right not to give training if there are not at least XX people signed up. In that case, those who signed up will be given access to a specialized session or a session recorded for the content that had been scheduled.

Signing up

Use the different calendar views (daily, weekly or monthly) to locate the training you want to receive.

Click the event in the calendar to access the details, where you can see the date, physical classroom and link to the online classroom where the training will be provided.

There are three tabs at the bottom. The first contains detailed information on the characteristics and scope of the training, the second has the sign-up form and the third provides access to the recording of this session for 15 days following the event.




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